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Read what people in Logan, Utah are saying about their experience with Cache Valley Women's Center
Brianna was my PA and she was great. Answered all of the questions that I had and made me feel extremely comfortable in an uncomfortable situation. The receptionist staff was also very friendly and kind. I will be coming here for all my other visits. Thank you!
Kallie B.

All the nurses and doctors that helped me with my 3 pregnancies and births were amazing! I feel like I was so well taken care of.
Janalynn F.

I loved going here for my pregnancies and births. Dr. Fowers was very kind and helpful and comforted me through a hard pregnancy loss. He and Dr. Blackett delivered my babies and it was a great experience! I felt like they listened to me and took care of everything. Highly recommend.
Karlee L.

I went to Dr. Robison for a yearly exam and she was very nice and professional. The front desk and nursing staff were very nice and professional as well! I called to ask for a last-minute favor and the nurse I spoke to was very nice and helpful as well as the on-call doctor! Highly recommend this facility.
Emily P.

I have loved my experience at The Lodge! I came here for my appointments for 2 pregnancies now. Fowers delivered both of my babies and he was kind and patient in explaining everything. I was able to have two healthy deliveries and I truly believe it’s because he listened to me and took what I wanted into account.

During my time I’ve had at least one appointment here with three of the doctors for some reason or another – Blackett, Kirkman, and Fowers. They are ALL phenomenal doctors and I’d trust any one of them! I really believe you can’t go wrong with any doctor here

Gina T.

From reception to the end of my initial visit, I was impressed by the professionalism of this company. Mickensi Paget, PAC helped me with my concerns in a compassionate way and was able to clarify questions (a lot of them lol) in a kind and efficient manner. Her nurse was also extremely patient and generous with me during this time.
Jennifer W.

I absolutely love this place and I miss it. If you are looking for a great team to help you bring your baby into the world, you have found it. From the receptionists to the nurses, ultrasound tech, and phlebotomist, they were all amazing and so incredibly helpful. The moment you walk into the building, you just feel a sense of calm and ease.
I absolutely love Dr. Noorda, he just delivered my son 3 weeks ago. One of my favorite things about him is that he actually listens to his patients and goes into great detail explaining certain things. He is funny, fantastic bedside manor. I had a great experience bringing my son into the world because of Dr. Noorda. Thank you Cache Valley Women’s Center.

Chipego D.

I have been in and out of A LOT of OB/GYN offices and Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge has been my favorite by far. Sometimes they are booked out a little bit, but it’s worth it to me. Mickensi Paget is the PA I see. She is simply amazing! She makes some of the hard parts of going to the gynecologist a lot easier. I recommend this place to all of my friends.

Hannah W.

Anna is phenomenal! I was really nervous about coming in and she talked me through everything and made sure all of my questions were answered. I’m thankful to have had her as a provider! The rest of the staff are super happy and helpful. It’s a really good environment there!

Emily A.

Dr. Kirkman is the best doctor I have ever had! He recently delivered my baby and made the delivery 100% uncomplicated. He truly cares about his patients and takes the time to answer every question at every appointment. I couldn’t recommend him more!

Alisa H.

Go here! This place is great! I see Ken Wade and he is the definition of a GREAT DOCTOR! His bedside manner is so good and he is so kind! He talks to you about everything and is not in the least bit rushed. He asked me if I had any other questions or concerns until I said no and if I remembered one later he’d make sure all was taken care of. He also never made me feel bad for having a lot of questions or taking up his time! He remembers who I am and takes true interest in my personal needs and concerns with health, fertility etc. We’ve suffered with infertility for 11 years and he has been so kind and gentle and helpful in referring us or just in general with pap smears etc. His pap smears are the most ‘comfortable’ ones I’ve had as well. His assistant is amazing too and so are all the people who work at the lodge.

Juliana C.

Anne Blackett is AMAZING. Every time she walked in the room I felt a sense of calm and peace, even when she announced I would need an emergency C-Section after 25 hours of labor and no progress. I cannot speak highly enough of her! Ken Wade is also the BEST PA I could have asked for. He listens, he’s kind, he takes an I ferret in what’s going on in my life that could be causing my symptoms, not just on the symptoms alone. He is also so great and friendly.

Radhia I.

Dr. Kirkman was amazing throughout my whole pregnancy. Anytime I had a concern or something came up he would listen and go above and beyond what I would ever expect from an OBGYN. After I delivered he still checked up on me and provided me with the best possible care. I would never go to anyone else. I highly recommend him to anyone!!

Megan P.

I love Dr. Blackett! She has been my doctor for about 5 years and has delivered 2 of my babies. She takes the time to get to know me and my family. I’ve always felt like she listens to my concerns and desires and also does a great job of educating me when I have questions. I am moving out of the valley soon and I am actually really sad I’ll have to find a new OB! I love the Lodge!

Hayley S.

I love love love this clinic! My doctor is Dr. Kirkman, and I can’t say enough kind words about how awesome, kind, and respectful he is! His care for me during my pregnancy was wonderful, and my delivery was perfect. We are moving away after my husband graduates in May, and I am so sad to not have Dr. Kirkman as my doctor anymore. But I’m so grateful to him for bringing my daughter safely into the world, and I will always remember him fondly! This clinic is so beautifully decorated and homey feeling and everyone is so kind and welcoming. I will miss this place so much!

Casandra F.

I love this place! It’s so homey and Dr. Anna Lara is absolutely amazing! She listens to you and is very easy to talk to.

Samantha R.

I love all of the staff here! I saw Dr. Blackett for my pregnancy and delivery. She was the best! She always listened to my concerns and never brushed them aside. There were a few times when I wouldn’t feel my baby move and I would freak out and the staff was always willing to get me in for a heartbeat check. They were always respectful, kind, and courteous!

Naomi Y.

Amazing place! Helpful and professional staff, beautiful building, easy and quick to get an appointment and/or have any questions answered.

Kailee M.

I went to Cache Valley Women’s Center for my first 2 pregnancies. And I’m going again for my 3rd. I love this place. Amazing staff, feels so homey! The waiting room is very comfortable and relaxing. I go to Dr. Noorda. Out of all the doctors I have seen in my life, Dr. Noorda is the best.

Heather R.

Amy Billings is wonderful to work with. She always listens to my concerns and incorporates them into her treatment plan. She is friendly, capable, and just an all around great health care provider. Her nurse, Allison, is also great to work with. Together they are an awesome team that I trust completely with my health care.

T. Haderlie

Not only does Cache Valley Women’s Center offer comprehensive health care, they do a fantastic job providing holistic care for their patients – care for the woman as a whole. Dr. Fowers in gentle yet thorough, he’s sensitive to the psycho-social needs of me and my family, and offered a doula service which I have utilized for all 3 of my births. Would highly recommend this office for all women’s health care needs!

Carissa H.

Love this place! The nurses are so kind. I love Dr Fowers. He helped deliver two of my babies and I can honestly say I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I trust them to answer all my questions, to make sure any problem I have is addressed and dealt with. Seriously amazing staff and place.

Delilah M.

I can’t say enough great things about Dr. Blackett and her amazing staff. They are punctual and tentative to all of your needs. They always make you feel more than just a patient! They truly care and it shows in their care.

Kimiko G.

Wonderful doctors that always have your best interest at heart. The staff is friendly, encouraging and sympathetic to the different needs of each patient.

Danalin P.

Each staff member was so helpful and kind. I always have a great experience here and receive the help and care that I am there for.

Lauren R.

I genuinely have been very happy with my care here at CVWC at the lodge. My doc is Dr. Kirkman and he’s been great from the very beginning. He takes the time to listen to my concerns and chats with you like you’re just a good family friend. I’ve also loved his nurses! I consider everyone here a friend! I’m not just a number here. I was nervous also about having a c-section, and Dr. Kirkman handled it so well. I even got to listen to Pandora in the Operation room! It was pretty rad! I could totally have another c-section again! I would rather do that than go to the dentist any day! Haha. Seriously! If you’re wondering which office to choose, choose these guys!

Kim A.

I have had nothing but good experiences with CVWC. Very polite and knowledgeable staff, and comfortable and beautiful setting at the lodge. I would recommend them to anyone!

Kasey W.

The staff is well trained, and the doctors are fantastic and experienced! They will truly do all they can to help.

Olivia W.

They are always very kind and answer any questions I have. Scheduling can sometimes be a little hard because they are fairly busy, but overall, my experience here has been great.

Kirsten B.

I love the women’s center! Everyone has been so kind and accommodating to my needs. Dr Kirkman always listens to my questions and concerns. He was even open to me using acupuncture which most drs criticize. I also love the other nurses and drs I’ve seen there. In my 3 years of going there regularly I’ve never had a bad experience

Alex F.

I’ve been going to the Cache Valley Women’s Center since before it was at The Lodge. I see a PA regularly, and she is very responsive. The staff has been extremely accomodating and helpful. The nurses are great. I don’t plan on ever going anywhere else.

Marca B.

I have had my babies check up here and i have family that have been checked here and i wouldn’t go anywhere else besides here Dr Noorda is my ob and I love him and I haven’t experienced any rudeness or anything I will keep going there for sure .

Sandra V.

Everyone is so kind here! I’ve been going here since I was a teenager and now I’m seeing Dr. Kirkman for my first pregnancy. I had my first appointment with him today and he is nothing short of amazing! He makes you feel so comfortable and he is very educated. I will recommend him to anyone.
Allee B.

Dr. Kirkman is the best of the best. He has a very personable and calming presence. I had an amazing experience here through my pregnancy. The on-call nurse is always friendly and helpful and the staff is amazing. Cannot recommend them enough!
Meredith A.

After a long hiatus, I decided to take a friend’s advice and see Amy Billings regarding some problems I had been having for quite a number of years. I am so glad I went to see her. She listened to my needs and set me up with Anne Blackett for a hysterectomy. Anne had an amazing bedside manner! I am truly grateful to both Amy and Anne for the kindness and respect they showed to me, during a time when I felt defeated by my overall health. I just don’t think I could ever thank them enough for helping me get my life back!
Amy J.

I have always had a great experience with Dr. Noorda. Throughout my pregnancy with my second baby, he took what I wanted into account. He’s good at both listening and explaining. Highly recommend!
Michelle W.

I had seen multiple OBGYNs throughout the valley and none of them would listen. I got to see Dr. Kirkman and he was able to provide answers! He is the most caring doctor I’ve ever met. He never rushes appointments and answers all my questions and concerns. He is super knowledgeable. I recommend him to everyone. He has a long waitlist but it’s for a good reason! He is the reason I was able to get pregnant.

Melissa B.

I have absolutely loved my experience with Cache Valley Women’s Center! Dr. Noorda was my OB during my pregnancy and delivered my daughter just a few months ago. I always felt that he cared about me and my situation and always listened to my concerns. Waits were long occasionally, but for the care we got, I understood why. I also loved his nurses- they were so friendly and fun! So grateful to have had such a great first pregnancy and birth experience thanks to Dr. Noorda and his team!

Rachel T.

I have been nothing but impressed with Cache Valley Women’s Center and its staff. The building is beautiful and well-maintained and doesn’t have that sterile hospital feel at all. Everyone is friendly and professional. The receptionists are so friendly and kind, and I’ve never had any problem scheduling an appointment.  I’ve interacted with Dr. Kirkman and Dr. Blackett and both are exceptional doctors. And can I just say, the woman who draws my blood (sorry I don’t know her name) is incredible! I’ve never had such an efficient and proficient phlebotomist. I’ve had blood work done many times here, and she’s never missed a vein. Please give her a shoutout!

McKay B.

I see Dr. Kirkman and he has been nothing but great! He takes his time with me and addresses all of my concerns.I have never waited long in the lobby, but they let me know at my first appointment that sometimes emergencies come up with other patients and that it can happen. I honestly appreciate that they are willing to be there for their patients in emergency situations! I’ve only ever interacted with Dr. Kirkman and Ken Wade, but would recommend them both!

Natalie C.

Dr. Kirkman is the absolute best! We have had three babies with him and at each appointment he never seemed rushed at all. He took the time to listen to us and address all our concerns. Sometimes it took a little longer to get back to a room, but it’s understandable in a busy medical office. I was never upset because it was worth the wait for the great care we received. We lost a baby a few days after birth and we were down at the U of U and Dr. Kirkman himself called me to see how I was. Great atmosphere and such kind, great people. We have never had a bad experience of any kind there!

Kami R.

The care I get here is top notch!!! The wait is a little long but they are busy becuase they are the best place to get care. The doctors actually care and treat you like a person not just another patient. So glad I switched!!!

Marinda H.

Highly highly recommended. I have seen doctors at the lodge and here and they make you feel listened too, important and valid in all of your concerns. They are up to date on current treatments in my experience and have a sincere desire to help you. I love Anne Blackett and Ken Wade!

Taylor P.

I have had such positive, validating experiences at this office and I will continue going here as long as I live in the valley. Each staff member is knowledgable, professional, and helpful. They always make me feel so comfortable and well taken care of.

Dani G.

What a fantastic business the Cache Valley Women’s Center is! Everyone from the front office to the back office to the billing department treated me with so much respect and gave me a lot of individual care and attention. I have recommended this office to everyone I know and will continue to spread the word. I am blown away by how helpful and attentive each provider is. I have had the opportunity to meet and be treated by most of the M.D.’s along with the mid-levels. My hat is off to the Cache Valley Women’s Center, they truly care about each and every one of their patients. Cache Valley is lucky to have this business.

Katie B.

I have been going to cache valley women’s center for 4 years now. I feel that they are very kind, respectful, and accommodating to your needs. They are so cute with my daughter allowing her to weigh herself and giving her a sucker every time we go. I would definitely recommend them.

Jordan B.

I love the Cache Valley Women’s Lodge! The doctors and nurses are all friendly and personable. Anne Blackett is an amazing OBGYN. She was my doctor for my first pregnancy, and I had absolutely no hesitation in going back to her for my second! Sometimes the wait can be a little long, but it’s worth it to be cared for by wonderful professionals who listen to your concerns and seek to help in any way they can.

Kayla W.

Dr. Noorda and his staff are seriously the very best! I had some complications with my pregnancy and they have been so good to work with and reassure me. I can’t imagine going to anyone else with future pregnancies! Highly recommend.

Nikki K.

Great staff! Always friendly and efficient! Clean and cozy office! I drive from far away to have my babies with them!!

Krystal B.

The building is adorable, the staff was prompt and kind. Dr. Amy and her nurse were amazingly kind and helpful! Highly recommend.

Teagan E.

The staff is always very friendly and helpful! Rarely have I had a long wait time and if I have, they try to check in and explain why.

Aubri L.

Very nice to have someone listen help figure out what I need. Everyone is nice and makes you feel comfortable and welcome.

Becky S.

Had a wonderful experience with this office! Switched from budge clinic halfway through my high-risk pregnancy and I’m so glad I did. I was seeing Blackett. Delivered over Christmas and had Fowers deliver with Anna Lara assisting. All amazing providers. Very knowledgeable and professional. I couldn’t have asked for a better care team during my preterm labor experience. They made amazing choices for me and my baby.

Erin J.

Absolutely love Cache Valley Women’s Center!! The staff is so friendly, the wait is never too long, and Dr.Blackett always takes the time to make you feel important and makes sure all your questions are answered!!

Tawnya Y.

I LOVE Cache Valley Women’s Center. All of the doctors are so knowledgeable and I would trust my care to any of the providers. They always get me in quickly, even if my doctor is scheduled out they have someone that can see me usually the day I call. I highly recommend this office! Love them.

Whitney M.

We had a somewhat complicated delivery with our first child. Dr. Fowers was there well before it was time to deliver. He was comforting and confident, and we were able to deliver a happy, healthy little girl. In fact, it was only afterward that I realized how much danger she was in because Dr. Fowers didn’t show it at all during. I trust him completely with my care.

Macinze O.

My experiences with CVWC have been great! They’ve helped me figure out birth control and made sure I’ve had what I needed. I went in to get an IUD today; Dr. Amy Billings helped me feel comfortable and the procedure went great! I passed out afterward and they helped make sure I had everything I needed and made sure I was able to rest and take my time. Truly grateful for their help today.

Rachel B.

I love the nurses and doctors there. They are willing to sit with you and talk and really get behind what’s going on instead of throwing medication at you or rushing you along.

Michelle A.

My two oldest were delivered by Dr. Blackett through here and I have nothing but great things to say! We had a medical scare during my first pregnancy and they fit me in the same day and were sympathetic. They made me feel like more than just an account number: very personable and friendly. They always remembered my name when I came in and were very patient and flexible. Although Dr. Blackett was the one I primarily saw (I definitely recommend her!), I also saw each of the other doctors and felt comfortable with each of them.

Allison M.

Dr. Noorda is the best DOC. Hands down I have ever seen! Also the staff here is great and the after hours call center and on call doctor are super accomodating!

Jenna W.

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