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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it can stir up a lot of different emotions. 


We all wear pink—whether visibly or carrying it in our hearts. Some do so in celebration, some in grief, some feel an outpouring of connection and support, and others may quietly feel like they aren’t truly seen or that they suffer alone.


All of the emotions and perspectives that we share this Breast Cancer Awareness Month are valid and deserve to be heard. As your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah, we’re here to support you wherever you are on your journey. 


What Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month?


Breast Cancer Awareness Month started as a week-long campaign by the American Cancer Society in 1985. The signature pink ribbon was implemented in 1992. 


Every October, we focus on promoting prevention and screening. Breast cancer impacts one in eight women every year in the United States and 2.3 women across the globe. 


Many organizations and advocacy groups actively participate—particularly by wearing pink. The ultimate goal is to support those diagnosed with breast cancer, educate about the disease and its risk factors, emphasize the importance of regular screening, and fundraise for breast cancer research.


Breast Cancer Statistics And Risk Factors


  • Approximately 85% of breast cancers are diagnosed in women with no family history.
  • Among American women, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer. 
  • Black women are most likely to die from breast cancer. 
  • The two most significant breast cancer risk factors are growing older and being a woman. 
  • Other risk factors include drinking alcohol, smoking, and lack of exercise.


OB/GYN In Logan, Utah


We’re here to help support you not only during Breast Cancer Awareness Month but throughout all your life. 


An annual exam with your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah, yearly mammograms, and regular breast self-exams are crucial for early breast cancer detection. 


Contact your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah for any breast cancer or women’s health-related questions or concerns. 

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