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As the community’s trusted Logan, Utah OBGYN, our goal is to help empower each of our patients, truly listen to your questions and concerns, and provide advice and treatment that will help you enjoy optimal reproductive health. 


The best starting point is to know which questions to ask and find an OBGYN in Logan, Utah who helps you feel comfortable and safe doing so. 


Here are a few essential questions you can ask at your next appointment to help take control of your reproductive health. 


Ask Your OBGYN These Questions At Your Next Appointment


  • When should I begin getting mammograms and how often? 


  • Should I be concerned about heavy bleeding during my menstrual cycle? 


  • Is my vaginal discharge/odor normal? 


  • Do I need to be tested for sexually transmitted infections, and if so, which ones? 


  • What are my birth controls options and which will be best for me? 


  • Which preventative screenings (like pap smears) should I get and how often? 


  • What can I do to help protect or increase my fertility?


  • When can I expect to go through menopause, and what are the signs to watch for? 


  • Should I be concerned about the symptoms I’m experiencing? 



  • What can I do to help keep my baby growing and healthy? 


  • What are the signs of labor I need to watch for? 


  • What can I do to increase my sex drive? 


  • Are my thoughts and mood normal postpartum? 


Logan, Utah OBGYN


Now is the time to take your reproductive health into your hands with an OBGYN in Logan on your side that you can trust. 


Contact our OB/GYN in Logan, Utah today to schedule your next appointment.

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