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Amid the global COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, these are challenging times for our world and local community—including patients at Cache Valley Women’s Center in Logan, Utah


We’ve heard from many of you involving your current needs and concerns and wish to emphasize our commitment to your care, health, and safety with answers to some common questions.


Continued Care And Protection


First and foremost, we’re committed to limit exposure to this virus by taking every precaution for our patients and their loved ones. While cleanliness and safety are always our priority, there are a few extra procedures we’ve implemented during these unique circumstances. 


In an effort to practice social distancing, we are rescheduling all non-emergent visits or conducting them over the telephone if possible. Rest assured that our staff will contact you to reschedule any cancelled appointments as soon as the current situation improves. 


We’re also asking that those who are still coming in for appointments—including pregnant patients—do not bring children. If necessary, patients may bring one person with them as long as that individual is over the age of 18. 


We’re also taking extra care to disinfect rooms, patient areas, door handles, and equipment frequently. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the office and our staff is practicing vigilant hand washing as well. 


We are fully committed to complying with all CDC, State of Utah, and local health care organization guidelines and strongly advise our patients and staff to do the same. 


Please keep in mind that we are not treating COVID-19 patients at our office at this time. If you’re experiencing any concerning symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath, please call the COVID hotline at 1-844-442-5224 for instruction on what to do next.


Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge in Logan, Utah 


While these are uncertain times, we can all work together to ensure our patients continue receiving the highest standard of care from our team at Cache Valley Women’s Center. Your patience, cooperation, and courage are recognized and greatly appreciated now and always. 


We can all help flatten the curve, support and protect one another, and find comfort during these challenging times. We’re in this together. 


For more information regarding Cache Valley Women’s Center and COVID-19, click here.

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