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Journaling is arguably a national pastime. Why are we telling you about National Notebook Day? Journaling can become heirlooms, ways to remember, and help provide mental clarity.

Our lives are filled with knowledge and insight, and that information is quickly forgotten. Journaling can provide a way to understand our past, present, and future. Documenting our joys, wins, sadness, grief, relationships, and lives can help us clear our minds. Journaling is a way to shed light on achieving goals and relationships. Journaling can help you understand yourself.

Below are a few reasons we think are important to journal:

Journals enable personal growth.

No matter what we write or how often, it’s hard to not reflect and grow from our entries. Journaling is a powerful tool as it can help achieve goals, reflection and growth, and developing as a person. You should eventually see yourself growing as a person.

Tracking your overall development.

Life happens fast. Without finding a way to stop and look around, we don’t see the step-by-step process we’re making in our own lives. Have you ever stopped in the middle of the day and wondered how you got where you are? Journaling can help you find that path.

Journaling helps you better connect with your values, emotions, and goals.

Writing what you believe in, why you think it, and how you feel about it, you can better understand your relationship to your goals, values, and emotions. If you’re in a situation where you feel stuck, you can journal for a few days or a week and then review what you wrote, if you’re honest when you write, you’ll see the issues when you consider your entries.

Journals can improve your mental clarity, help you solve problems, and improve your overall focus.

Clearing mental clutter is something I think we all strive for. Whenever you have a problem, and you write about it in your journal, you are transferring the problem to paper instead of keeping it in your head. It helps you better focus and reason your tasks out, which we think is a necessary and useful skill to have.

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