We’re in the midst of the magic of the holiday season! With that, the closing of another year and the beginning of a new one is soon upon us. 


As individuals and as a community, we’ve faced many challenges over the past couple of years. We’ve also grown stronger together. 


Now more than ever, we feel the importance of our individual and global health. We cherish our loved ones, and we’re more grateful for each day. 


So as we embark on a fresh start for 2022, let’s unite to put women’s health as a top priority. 


It may not always be easy to put yourself first, but our team at Cache Valley Women’s Center invites you to do just that. We care for each and every patient and remain earnestly committed to helping you enjoy optimal health. 


Health And Happiness—A Goal We Can All Strive For


There are, of course, a variety of health challenges that can surface for each unique individual. At Cache Valley Women’s Center, we specialize in obstetrical and gynecological services to meet a wide range of women’s health needs. 


No matter your season of life, our team can help with your specific health needs and concerns. Whether it be keeping up with annual exams, premarital exams, birth control options, infertility testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, breast cancer screening, vaginal or cesarean delivery, VBAC, menopause management, STI testing, surgeries, treatment for postpartum depression, or anything in between, our caregivers are here for you. 


We’re proud to serve women and girls of various ages, seasons, and needs. We take great care to personalize your treatment plan, truly listen to each question and concern, and help you feel comfortable and cared for throughout your experience with Cache Valley Women’s Center


There’s no better time than now to put your health first. Even though you spend so much time in service to others, you deserve to be cared for, too. 


So as you make your goals for the upcoming year, consider your reproductive health—and always remember, you’re not alone. 


Women’s Health Services In Logan, Utah 


We consider it an honor to serve you and look forward to seeing you at Cache Valley Women’s Center in Logan, Utah


Wishing you all the best in the upcoming year, and beyond! 


Contact Cache Valley Women’s Center today to make an appointment.


We wanted to make you aware of some road access changes due to the ongoing construction at Logan Regional Hospital. While access to our office and parking lot will not be affected, there are some road closures that we want to make you aware of in hopes that it will eliminate any frustration or confusion as you come to your appointments.

May 2nd—June 20th, the hospital road will be closed to through traffic.

If you normally access our office parking lot by entering the hospital road at 4th East, driving past the Budge Clinic and Logan Regional Hospital, please note that you will now need to access our parking lot and office via 6th East. 

While this will not affect our parking lot entrance or exit, we do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those visiting our office.

Thank you for your understanding!

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