October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you can make a difference! 


This annual opportunity to raise awareness has looked a little different these past couple of years with the spread of a global pandemic. Some restrictions are lifted, but as a local and global community, precautions are still being taken to help keep everyone safe. The great news is, there are still ways to help fight breast cancer while putting the health and safety of yourself and others first. 


If there aren’t community events in your area or if you’re unable to participate, here are some ideas you can try that allow for social distancing and also creativity in the fight against breast cancer: 


Ideas To Safely Get Involved With Breast Cancer Awareness


  • Participate in a virtual run, walk, or bike ride. There are many options for you to join in on your own without gathering in crowds. Many of these events have apps or options to tune in through live streams on social media. There are also options for you to earn money for the charity of your choice through participating. 


  • Volunteer online. There are many opportunities to do so from the comfort and safety of your own home. 


  • Reach out and make a difference in the life of a breast cancer survivor. Put together a gift basket, make a phone call, send a kind note, decorate their door, or do a drive-by visit. 


  • Find a Breast Cancer Awareness organization you’re passionate about and donate to their efforts financially or through volunteer opportunities. 


OB/GYN In Logan, Utah 


You can make a difference in the fight against breast cancer—on an individual basis and by playing an active role in communities and organizations involved in the same cause. 


Also be sure to put your health first through regular screenings with your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah


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May 2nd—June 20th, the hospital road will be closed to through traffic.

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