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Whether it’s your first or your fiftieth mammogram in Logan, Utah, you may have questions, apprehensions, or concerns. For most women, routine mammograms are the best way to detect breast cancer early. To put it simply—mammograms can save lives.


With that said, it’s completely normal to feel nervous, and you’re not alone! Not knowing what to expect can be half the battle. We’re here to help you best prepare for and know what this important screening entails. 


Our team can help eliminate the guesswork from your upcoming mammogram in Logan, Utah to ensure you can avoid a stressful experience. 


Tips To Get Ready For Your Mammogram


First, know when and how often you should begin scheduling your mammograms. The most important thing to remember is not to put it off. We recommend getting an annual mammogram beginning at about 40 years of age. If you’re at higher risk for breast cancer, it may be necessary to begin earlier. 


Next, it can be helpful to understand what exactly a mammogram is. This low-dose x-ray creates an image of your breast tissue and can detect abnormal lumps that may even be too small to feel with a self-exam. 


If you’re still having your menstrual cycle, it can be most comfortable to schedule your mammogram for the week after your period to avoid breast tenderness. It may also be helpful to schedule for first thing in the morning since you’ll be asked not to wear deodorants, lotions, ointments, or powders of any kind on the breast area. We also recommend wearing a separate top and bottoms so you don’t have to undress completely for the exam.


The entire procedure for your mammogram in Logan, Utah should only take about 30 minutes. The compression part of the exam only takes about 20 to 30 seconds per breast. This may be slightly uncomfortable, but is also essential to enable us to get a clear view of your breast tissue in its entirety. 


Lastly, take comfort in knowing your provider will walk you through any unusual findings—most of which aren’t cancer. For example, certain areas may flag on your first mammogram until your doctor has multiple mammograms to compare it to as the years go by. Cysts or dense tissue that isn’t cancerous are also often found on mammograms. 


Mammogram In Logan, Utah


Our team is here to help you feel at ease and have all of your questions answered for your first mammogram in Logan, Utah and each of your annual exams moving forward. 


Contact us today to schedule your appointment.

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