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Whether you’re a student yourself or a mom getting your kids ready for the upcoming year, back-to-school is an exciting time! 


As your trusted OB/GYN in Logan, Utah, we’re here to offer a few tips to help you have a healthy, successful year! Here are a few health suggestions to keep in mind each back-to-school season.


Make These Part Of Your Back-To-School Routine 


  • Practice good hygiene, like hand washing often throughout the day and when you get home. 


  • Limit sugary drinks. Choosing water first is also the best way to help you stay hydrated. 


  • Eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Pack healthy lunches as well. 


  • Stay active! This can be particularly challenging when going back to school and spending more time sitting at a desk. Make it a priority to get 60 minutes of physical activity each day, before or after school hours. 


  • Have a back-to-school check-up. An annual physical is extremely important, and the beginning of each school year is a great reminder to schedule one! If applicable, stay current on vaccines as well. Also keep in mind that your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah can conduct your annual physical exam for you!


  • Set a reasonable bedtime and stick to it. Adequate rest is essential to help both kids and adults feel focused and energized. 


  • Try to pack as lightly as possible in a backpack. Center heavier items to help ensure weight is distributed evenly. Make sure the straps are tightened comfortably and provide enough support so that too much stress isn’t placed on the back and shoulders.


OB/GYN In Logan, Utah 


Our team at Cache Valley Women’s Center wishes you and your family all the best for this upcoming school year! 


As always, we’re here when you need us—including for your annual physical—as your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah


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