When you think of an OB/GYN, you probably think of it as one specialty. And while they often go hand in hand, it actually comprises of two different and very distinct fields. 


Let’s take a deeper look to better understand how your OB/GYN in Logan, Utah can help with various aspects of women’s health. 


What Does OB/GYN Consist Of? 


Obstetrics, or OB, encompasses the care involved during every stage of a woman’s journey with pregnancy. That includes before conception, fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum care. 


Obstetrics services include pregnancy testing, prenatal care, ultrasounds, fertility testing, vaginal and cesarean deliveries, VBACs, postpartum depression, and more. 


Gynecology, or GYN, involves all of the aspects of care involved with women’s health and the reproductive system. This includes a wide variety of services. The most common include annual exams, birth control options, breast cancer screening, infertility testing and treatment, menopause management, STI testing, surgeries, and more. 


Doctors trained in both obstetrics and gynecology may choose one field or specialize in both OB/GYN. Physicians who focus only on gynecology don’t treat pregnant women or deliver babies. Physicians who focus on obstetrics don’t treat women’s health issues outside of pregnancy. OB/GYNs focus on both fields.


When you visit an OB/GYN in Logan, Utah, it may be a private practice, at a hospital, or in various other settings. Ultimately, your OB/GYN is there to listen and provide for your needs throughout various stages of life as it relates to women’s health. 


OB/GYN In Logan, Utah


Be proactive with your health and involve physicians who prioritize your best interest and will listen to your needs and concerns. 


That is exactly what you can expect from Cache Valley Women’s Center OB/GYN in Logan, Utah. We look forward to serving you in this season of life and beyond. 


Contact Cache Valley Women’s Center to make an appointment with our OB/GYN in Logan, Utah.

FOR OUR PATIENTS AND THEIR FAMILIESInformation Regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

The Cache Valley Women’s Center remains committed to providing high-quality and compassionate care while ensuring the safety and well-being of our patients and staff. As our knowledge of COVID-19 grows, we look at everything we can do to keep our communities healthy. This requires frequent updating and revising of our policies.

Patients are allowed to bring ONE person to ALL visits.


  • This person needs to be over the age of 18 or a newborn baby in a carrier.
  • Please make arrangements before your appointment (this includes walk in visits for any blood work being done) for your children who are under 18.

Although masks are no longer required, they are still encouraged during your visit—especially for those who have not received the COVID-19 vaccine.

For the safety of our patients and staff, we ask that anyone experiencing flu like symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, loss of sense of taste or smell, or muscle aches and pains to please call and reschedule your appointment. For those who have tested positive for Covid-19, please reschedule your appointment 14 days out from your first day of symptoms. If you still have symptoms at that time, you will be asked to wear a mask to your appointment, regardless of vaccination status.

We are continuing to follow social distancing guidelines. If our waiting room exceeds the amount we feel comfortable with at any time, you may be asked to wait in your car and we will text or call you when we have a room ready for you. Thank you for being so patient and understanding with our many changes in policies. Our main concern is always the safety of our patients and staff and we will do our best to keep everyone healthy, happy, and comfortable while in our office.

We will continue to exercise caution and encourage best practices for the safety of our patients and staff. There will be hand sanitizer readily available in all areas and frequent and proper hand washing. We will also continue to clean and sanitize our waiting room, exam rooms, checkout area, and other patient care areas. Essential PPE and masks will still be available for our patients upon request.

Please do not hesitate to call our office at (435) 753-9999 with any additional questions or concerns. We truly appreciate you and your patience with us during this time.


The providers and staff at Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge

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