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For expectant mothers, finding the right caregiver is one of the most important decisions to make. 


Recently, more women are choosing to trust a midwife in Logan, Utah for their pregnancy and birth. Learn why midwives are growing in popularity and some of the benefits they can provide for both mother and baby. 


#1 – A Midwife is a Great Fit For Low-Risk Pregnancies


Midwives are trained to preserve the health of women with low-risk pregnancies and help them continue to make healthy choices. They provide education to empower expectant mothers by assisting them in leading their own pregnancy and birth journey. 


Midwives can identify any risk factors or issues that may arise and do a great job providing guidance and support without interfering with the unique rhythm and timing of each individual woman’s labor and delivery.


#2 – Midwives Support Natural Birth


Midwives generally have lower intervention rates related to things like labor induction and cesarean births compared to other care providers. A midwife can be a perfect fit for women who want to avoid unneeded intervention and medications if possible.


Midwives are also equipped with ways to help women progress through pregnancy and labor naturally. However, medical intervention and expertise are sought when necessary,


#3 – Midwives Often Spend More Time With Their Patients


On average, midwives are able to spend more time with their patients compared to other types of caregivers. This provides plenty of time for expectant mothers to have their questions answered and is calming for many patients.


#4 – A Midwife Acts As a Partner With Each Patient


Midwives strive to act more as a partner with expectant mothers rather than a director. Patients can expect to take part in their care and learn to trust their bodies with the support of a midwife.


Midwives work to teach pregnant women how to care for and listen to their own bodies throughout the pregnancy and birth journey. 


#5 – Midwives Can Provide More Options For Where To Give Birth


Midwives work in many different settings like hospitals and birth centers. They also perform home births for mothers who are interested. This gives expectant mothers more options for where they prefer to give birth.


Our certified-nurse midwife, D’Anne Moon, focuses on the health and wellness of both the woman and her baby. She identifies and manages medical problems early on and attends to the emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of pregnancy and birth.


Midwife in Logan, Utah


If you’re looking to experience the empowerment and comfort that can come through working with a midwife, trust D’Anne Moon at Cache Valley Women’s Center in Logan, Utah.


Learn more about D’Anne Moon and the impact she can make throughout your pregnancy journey and at every stage of life.

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