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With the fresh start of a new year, now is the time to set goals for a healthy, happy, and prosperous future! That includes taking control of your own health and well-being. 


Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge in Logan, Utah provides all of your OB/GYN needs, including annual examinations. 


So why does it matter to set aside time for your annual exam? What can you expect during your visit? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions and more. 


The Importance Of Annual Examinations With Your OB/GYN


A well-woman visit, or annual exam, takes place with your caregiver once a year. The main purpose is for you to ask questions, learn more about your body, and learn what steps you need to take to become a healthier, happier you. 


First, we start with the basics. That includes taking your vitals, height and weight, and performing a physical exam. We’ll also sit down with you for a conversation about your current lifestyle, family health history, diet, questions, and concerns. 


For patients over the age of 21, and for younger patients in some cases, we also conduct pelvic and breast exams. Routine breast exams are crucial for detecting breast cancer early. Checking reproductive organs and conducting a pap smear is critical for detecting any health threats like ovarian cysts, sexually transmitted infections, and certain cancers.


A pap smear consists of gathering cells from your cervix using an extended swab and is recommended every three to five years. And don’t worry—for most women, these procedures are quick and painless. 


As part of your annual exam, we also offer vaccines, including Gardasil for HPV—the virus known to cause certain cervical and uterine cancers. 


Schedule Your 2021 Annual Exam


Whatever your health questions, needs, or concerns, we’re here to address them as part of your annual examination. Start 2021 off on the right foot by taking control of your health. After all, we believe you’re worth fighting for!


Contact Cache Valley Women’s Center at the Lodge today to schedule your annual exam.

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